Packing tips for small items

Josh Wright
Updated 4 months ago

 -Use uniform boxes.

 -keep contents of each box under 44 lbs or 20kg.

 -use small boxes for dense items like books and larger boxes for lighter things like clothes.

  -tape and secure all your moving boxes.

 -Mark boxes with desired room to help get your belongings to the right place quicker.

 -Carefully pack fragile items and mark box.

 -Avoid using newspaper if possible as it leaves marks on the dishes or items.

 -Most delicate items should be in the middle of boxes to help avoid damage.

- To balance the weight of your boxes pack clothes and fragile items in the same box

- Try to pack everything ahead of time to help avoid any wasted time. Empty drawers, we can not move unpacked items in drawers even if it is not heavy.

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